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Herb News

Basil: The Egyptian crop is undergoing harvesting from now until October/ November time. With a larger crop than previous due to larger areas being planted this year, prices are expected to drop and stay down.

Marjoram: As with the basil, the Egyptian crop is bigger than previous and is an all– year product. Prices are also expected to drop to stay down.

Oregano: This years crop is due for harvesting now through until August, the Turkish crop is expected smaller than 2016, pushing market prices up but we will have a more accurate information next month.

Spearmint: Quantities were abundantly available last season and the supply was higher than the demand. Accordingly the planted area is smaller this year so supply is limited. Raw material prices are tripled compared to last year.

Rosemary: Prices should remain stable on Spanish rosemary

Sage: Due to cool weather conditions in Turkey the harvesting of this year’s crop has been slightly delayed – we will be in a better position to report more next month when we know the accurate crop size.

Parsley: Harvesting for the UK crop will be starting soon.

Thyme: Prices should remain stable for our Spanish extra fancy & winter thyme.

Spice News

Black Pepper: Prices have dropped within the last months, however world demand is at an all time high so prices are never “stable”. Prices are currently firm for Vietnamese material in the short term, although supply becomes difficult finding stocks which comply with the EU pesticide levels.

Coriander: Despite good weather in Morocco earlier in the year, a dry spell as hindered plant growth and reduced quantities by approx. 10%.

Fennel: Harvest started in May and will continue through until end of July, harvest appears to be of moderate size — prices still to be confirmed.

Cumin: Prices are currently stable after this years Indian harvest. However, Syrian crop was expected to be a bumper crop, although with war conditions hindering road access and difficulties in finding manual labour this is creating supply problems.

Turmeric: Prices remain firm at present.

Nutmeg: Indian crop has now started, with a fair size crop expected. Prices should hope to remain stable until Chinese buying starts and rates will rise.

Ginger: Indian season is now over and the current market is firm, however with the arrival of monsoons farmers are not able to dry fresh material in sunlight so we could see prices taking a rise later on.