All our products are bought to agreed specifications from all over the world, who are approved and audited annually by Cotswold Health Products Ltd. All botanical herbs are laboratory tested for identification and compliance to the British and European Pharmacopoeia standards.

Microbiological analysis is carried out on all batches of culinary herbs and spices. HACCP controls, full batch traceability and positive release systems are in operation.

We have blenders in our processing facilities and are able to blend in Batch sizes of 25Kg – 1000Kg , incorporating full metal detection systems.

We are also able to offer cutting, grinding, sorting, sifting and cleaning of raw materials to our customers’ own specifications. There is also the option of CO2 treatment on finished raw materials for the control of infestation. We are also able to offer steam –sterilised products. An encapsulation service and manufacture of tinctures is also available.

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